Sunday, 17 July 2016

Quarry Bank Mill and having the blues

Hello everybody, despite the last few day's having been quite difficult with the savage Nice incident and Turkey having circumvented a potential coup, I'm back! I rarely communicate the pain, frustration and sadness I feel towards current issues on my social media however lately it's gotten me very down. Having vented on Instagram about my fury, I'm determined to keep this blog reserved for our common love for vintage inspired style and maintain an all round positive I won't go on about it, but I just felt the need to address the elephant in the room.   
 Today we visited one of my all time favourite places, being the Quarry Bank Mill! It's a museum that used to play a pivotal role in the cotton industry. The museum walks us through the history of textiles, the treatment of the workers, apprentices and slaves that laboured under the harsh conditions of the mill. The mill has maintained much of it's integrity in the sense that the National Trust has tried to replicate the atmosphere as much as possible with the smells, sounds and visual displays of the working engines. The mill has authentically portrayed exhibitions in which you are guided through each milestone in the industrialisation of textiles starting from a simple spinning wheel to a gigantic steam powered engine. Although, if you're not particularly interested in the museum section, they have the most picturesque gardens, waterfall and meadows in which you can enjoy a picnic whilst beholding the beauty of the surroundings..which floats everyone's boat! I wasn't dressed for an outfit post as you can probably tell from how monochrome my outfit is. However my brother was kind enough to offer his service and I being one of those people who's always up for a photograph, happily accepted. I'm dressed in head to toe from Primark today; it's one of those shops that's a real hit and miss but when you do spot a treasure, it's worth picking up because you can't go wrong with some cute, affordable clothing. The popcorn bag is from my latest visit to Primark, since I've been trying to amass a novelty bag collection and with this having reduced to a fiver... it had to be!     

Outfit Details: Head to toe in Primark! (well.. neck to toe)